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We promote excellency in dentistry.

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“People don’t always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you made them feel.”

Recognizing Excellence in Service

Now there is an organization and distinction for dentists who stand out from the rest.

finalLogo72As a dentist who has consistently provided superior service and excellent patient experience throughout your career, you deserve to be acknowledged and endorsed in a way that informs your current and prospective patients as well as others in your industry. The North American Center for Dentistry (NACD) is an organization that serves to recognize and further promote excellence in dentistry by offering both distinction and support to prominent dentists throughout the United States. We do this by, first, identifying dentists with a proven track record of excellence, and then inviting these dentists to join our academy. Once a member, you are entitled to valuable resources and services provided to help ensure your continued success. These resources include exclusive benefits and membership to a nationwide directory of top-ranking dentists.

The Importance of Exclusive Membership

Let your patients, colleagues and competitors know that you are part of an elite group.

With so many dental practices opening each year in every state throughout the U.S., it is often difficult for patients to know which dentists are offering the best service and delivering a great patient experience. Membership in the North American Center for Dentistry helps patients identify you as a dentist that provides superior service with a proven track record. As a by-invitation-only organization, we hand pick dentists for membership in NACD, allowing us to identify those that merit the distinction and benefits we offer. Your name and practice will be listed along with only the most qualified dentists. Our goal is to establish a list of the very best dentists state-by-state throughout the country.

The Benefits of Being a Member

Find the resources and support you need to continue to provide excellent service.

db gifOne of the distinct advantages of being a member of the North American Center for Dentistry that sets us apart from other organizations is the list of benefits we offer. We understand that, as a practicing dentist who is focused on building the reputation and reach of your practice, you are sometimes short on time and resources for both business and personal needs. That’s why we’ve put together a suite of professional benefits that you can count on when you need them most. These benefits range from services such as website design and SEO to discounts for rental cars and insurance. Our goal is to provide each member of NACD with support and resources then need so they can keep their focus on providing excellent service to their patients. We seek out only the best benefits and continue to add to the list as we carefully identify the needs of our members.

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What dentists say about oral hygiene

Veneers are an excellent alternative to crowns in many situations.

Food and drink, illness, injury, heredity or environmental factors can discolor teeth.

The reason cosmetic dentistry is experiencing a boom is that baby boomers want to preserve their youthful appearance.

The reason cosmetic dentistry is experiencing a boom is that baby boomers want to preserve their youthful appearance.

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